Thursday, October 22, 2009

Then You get Stuck into It

The end of the first week in April of 2008 saw us start getting into scaping down the plaster track bed to make it level and then gluing on some cork roadbed. Even these track beds were done with chux and plaster and they turned out relatively strong considering it was just plain styrofoam under them.

For filing down, we used those Stanley Surform tools - a 6" one and a 12" one. These are the greatest for taking the plaster down and making it nice and level. They also work on the cork very nicely as well to get the rough spots out after we'd glued it down. They also worked well as a bastard file for taking some bad spots out of our timberwork.

Here we see the Coal Mine Loading area. In the upper left you can see a Peco point packet - this is to run off to the left allowing us to add a loading and unloading area or fiddle yard at a later date.

This next shot shows the river area after the plaster and chux have been thrown around a bit. It's still nice and wet as can be seen by the grey colour - it will dry white though.

We threw a few plaster rocks around as well - made from the Woodland Scenics rubber molds which are nice to use.

On the main yard we'd started laying down the cork, points and track for the large 9 track yard - 3 tracks for each mainline. That way each mainline has a through road and 2 staging tracks. On the whole layout we are also going for large radius Peco Points for all mainline work and hopefully even all the branchline ones as well.

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