Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three Mainlines in 2007

Come August 2007, we were pretty much at a stand still, more enjoying running a few trains than continuing with the build. We were only DC operation at this stage and no blocks in place - just three DC controllers. Here we see a montage of pictures to show the overall setup at that time.

The whole layout was all flat except for the outside mainline near the red line - it was raised by two inches above the rest.

The pointwork and trackage heading into the yard was also not working for us - too many crossovers and such, that we just could not get trains in or out at all (we might have been a bit too quick when laying it and therefore got a poor result). Also, by trying to keep the overall costs way down we had used a lot of second hand points - never, ever again.

So when you added the non-ability to use our yard, the fact it was all very flat, and with enthusiasm almost not to be found, we decided that it was time. Time to do a few minor changes. Since I had recently decided to spend more time down at the club and "get a life", I got the fun of beginning the work. It all started innocently with just adding a mountain....

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