Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Bridge Too Far

By the end of November of 2008 we were really getting into the bridge building. We used some balsa wood to make up some formwork for our two bridge pillers for the double track bridge. We had received a donation of two double Kato truss bridges which would look good.

The use of balsa allows us to get a nice "grain" to the "concrete" we are making so as to imitate the timber boxing used in real life. It also allowed us to create some concrete cancer (even if it was by accident) as can be seen in the right hand pillar. Originally I was going to fix the cancer, but after looking through a lot of prototype photos, it's there in real life, so why not in the model!

The concrete cancer came about because I took the timber formers off before it was dry enough - I should have given it another hour to dry that little bit more.

We were also using balsa wood to form up around the holes we had now also made in the river banks that would have the pillars mounted into them as well as abutments poured onsite for the bridge.

Here is a hole for a pillar that has just had chux/plaster plonked into it to act as a pocket for the pillar itself to go into.

After the pillars and abutments were poured and installed we did a bit of minor patchup around them with plaster, to meld them neatly into the river banks. We then thined down some "Aged Concrete" paint about 50/50 or a bit thinner, and painted the concrete.

Here is the right hand river bank.

And here is the left hand river bank.

Here we see all the bridges as they currently stand. As you can see, only one (the Kato double truss) is completed. The other three are still just timber painted grey for now until we get around to building some more real ones.

And here is a view that the down and outs would have or the likes of train spotters. I can really associate with that (train spotting Craig, train spotting!) having just spent 6 days looking and climbing in creeks and river beds at bridges and all things railway related on a recent trip to Canberra and back for the Australian N Scale Convention in fact.

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