Friday, November 6, 2009

First it's a Coffee Cup, then like a Volcano it Rises

March of 2009 it was a coffee cup.

Little did we know what was brewing away in the background. Mother Nature in the guise of the N Scalers was up to something - something large, something solid, something to change the landscape of the layout forever...

First it was such a little intrusion. We just didn't worry about it.

Then it started to grow more. By the beginning of April even vegetation was starting to sprout!

Then it began to collect more mass. Like a black hole it attracted all things, even bridges and automobiles.

The centre of gravity began to shift! We were now very worried. Industrial glue didn't seem to be able to stop it spreading. It attracted more mass.

Then an opening started to show where it all began. Green growth appeared around this mysterious maw and it beckoned.

By May we had begun to understand what was happening - It was horrible - a MOUNTAIN had deposited itself on the layout and was molding all around to suit itself! First the nakedness of it made us turn away in disgust.

Then a thin pasty white skin began to form over this nakedness - we couldn't turn out eyes away, this moist pale flesh crept over all.

By the beginning of June it had so ingrained itself on the layout that even the automobiles were queuing up to pay homage.

Then nature started to assert herself and trees began to appear and it all began to seem like a dream, like I was standing in the shower and it was a dream...

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