Friday, November 13, 2009

Mountain Mining Men

What to do with the left hand loop of the layout? That was the question. And it remained unanswered for a few years. Here we see the loop as it appeared in August of 2007. This was right at the beginning of the remodelling of the layout to add some height and variety to the layout.

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By March of 2008 we had at least started on the remodelling and had gotten foam risers in and put the chux wipes and plaster over it and gotten the trackbed almost ready.

April of '08 saw the cork go down for the track. The usual Liquid Nails was squirted down and the cork pressed into it.

And by August we were in business. Track was down and the temporary timber bridges in place. We glued our track down with a 50% water 50% white glue mix as we usually do. This negates the need for track nails/pins which can work their way out sometimes and lodge in a loco's mech. So it was time to run some trains for a change.

Early in 2009 we decided we'd have a big mountain down this end of the layout with a coal loading facility in the center being serviced by a mine that would be out of sight "on the other side of the mountain". So we started to lay some track down and worked out what we wanted.

Our plan was to have a large mountain down this end, large enough in fact to get our head and hands inside to be able to clean track and fix derailments etc. We wanted a coal lading facility with about 6 tracks and a nice loader. A mining town would be good as well.

By June, Peter in the club had built up some nice paper/card workers huts and rec hall. This will go in the mining town.

By August, Chris had built up the Walthers Coal Loader for us and the tracks were in place ready for wiring up.

So we wired them up and got all the drop feeds in and wired back to a switch panel so each of the six sidings could be isolated should DC be in use at the time. And we were running trains in no time at all.

So that's what we are up to as of now at the left hand end of the layout. The mountain will not be built for a while yet, as we want to concentrate on the town and container yard area at the other end of the layout. So for now, we have a coal loading yard that is operational and takes a good many wagons to fill - so it's a good one for us.

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