Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's about Time!

Since last time, all we’ve been doing is a bit of work here and there, but mostly working on the exhibition layout hence this one has been pretty stagnant for 6 months. But we did do some more discussing and designing and also future planning for when the new space we’ll have appears, once the new shed extension is in place and we get the HO’ers to move their layout into it and give us the old space they had – we’ll double our floor space for the N and then add another deck as well!

Anyway, back to earth and what we are doing with the current space and layout. Where the coal mine yard joins the mainline, the points have been moved to the right near the edge of the river valley with the addition of a head track. This now allows us to make up a train at the mine without going onto the mainline until we want to depart.

Left arrow is where old point was, is now at right arrow.

The cardboard skeleton of the mountain is gone. Rob and co have ripped up the bad sections of track and re-laid it without the problem bits – all rollingstock goes around it beautifully now including the fine scale stuff. Foam ribs have replaced the cardboard as we are now getting close to adding more foam to flesh out the mountain.

The above is looking into the back of what will be the mountain. The back face will be made of plywood with a hinged door to allow access for doing things like heavy track cleaning or grabbing rolling stock that’s fallen off for whatever reason.

Around the back of the large hill near the town and main fiddle yard, we have started hacking out the old cutting sides so we can put some better looking rock castings into place.

The castings are being made from a mold Peter has made. We then made a curved saddle the same radius as the track and then laid Peter’s latex mold in it and poured plaster into it in two pours. This way it stays fairly light and is close to the right curvature for the cutting.

Mind you the height will only be about half what you see in the photo, so we’ll get twice the cutting length out of each plaster pour.

Some work has been done on the river side of the small yard. Where the inside mainline never had a passing loop before and the middle one had two, now each has a single passing loop. We removed the point that was at the green arrow (middle mainline) in the photo and put one over where the yellow arrow (inside mainline) is and moved the 2nd passing loop (which used to follow the red dotted line) over and connected it to the yellow point on the inside mainline.

Ballasting and wiring of the changes will be completed next week. At the opposite end of the yard there have also been some big changes. These complete the passing loop for the inside mainline and also have moved the two outer lines of the intermodal yard and placed them on the same branchline as the third line into the intermodal yard. This will stop the confusion of how to drive into the intermodal yard.

This change also now allows for a sky board to be placed between the large yard and the intermodal yard so that they can more easily be viewed as geographically different locations.

So we basically removed the point at the red arrow (middle mainline) and put a new one at the green arrow (inside mainline). We then connected the passing loop which used to follow the yellow dots up to the green point on the inside mainline. This did mean we had to remove the vestiges of the hill that was there – but this was going to happen in the future anyway… Wait and see.

Below we find Rob and Peter working on removing the old 2 inch high dividing wall and some of the intermodal concrete are so that we can put in a sky board.