Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Move of 2011

It will sound like I am talking HO scale here, but hang in there - it leads to bigger N scale.

It was finally time - time for the HO club layout to move into its new digs in the new 12m x 12m extension to the club rooms. So it was all hands on deck to get it moved. During the week a few members got in and started bolting braces to the legs of the layout and bolting on castor wheels.

On the Saturday we added all the final castor wheels and braces and let the layout down onto the wheels. Months prior to this the entry and exit to the workshop are was widened as much as possible to allow the layout to travel through - only inches to spare in the end, so good planning.

Here we see some wheels on the legs.

So it was shoulders to the layout and push, push, push.

Once through the workshop exit, we had to rotate the layout by 180 degrees so it would fit like we wanted. With all the wheels and manpower it was quite easy.

Now that the HO layout was taken care of, what were we to do with the vacant land until we build out extension to the N Scale Permanent Club Layout?

Well of course the N Scalers got very busy and put up the whole N Scale Exhibition Layout and got it running. Now we can work on it and test it any time we want.

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