Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peek-a-boo, I see you

Well, after seeing what Craig of "Craig's Shed" fame and Greg of "Greg's Railway Modelling Musings" quickly had done with their little Spycams, I decided I just had to get one of these gadgets so as to (1) have some fun and (2) more easily show our layouts.

So I placed my order and eventually took delivery of one Swann brand RemoteCam Video Camera & Recorder - DVR-410. It came with a 2GB micro SD card which will suffice for either 2000 still photos or about 25 minutes of 720 x 480 AVI video. All in one cute little package the size and shape of a car key ring.

So with a full charge and play the night before, I headed down to the club on Wednesday morning and besides a lot of running on the layouts and cleaning tracks, I took out the spycam.

The first video of the day was hand held to see what the camera could do with N Scale. We see Rod's Japanese locos hauling a long container train.

Next I got the spycam and with some trusty masking tape afixed it on its side to a 53' Athearn N scale flatcar. I then pushed the wagon around the clubs permanent N Scale layout, of which you've been reading about in this blog, with a 9600 class 2-8-0 steam loco. Here you see a trip of about half way around the layout.

After this it was onto the club's exhibition layout. First we travel anti-clockwise.

The for a differnet perspective, we travel in clockwise.

And to round out the day, a driveby by an English passenger set being hauled by the Japanese 9600 class steamer.

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  1. What a brilliant little camera! I'm impressed! I was looking for something just like this for an identical purpose! Thanks for the post on this and the sample videos!