Monday, September 5, 2011

Currency at Last

Finally the blog is back up to date for a change! Last issue I mentioned artists spatulas. Here is a shot of the two I use. They are nice and thin like metal shims and hence nice and bendy (and sharp as bloody hell).
Saturday saw the railroad crossing finished for now and then left to dry overnight (except for those others who continue to play the “wet paint” scene and keep putting their big fingers into it!).
The bits left around between the tracks will be picked off after it is all dried, and the boxing then also removed. We can then ballast around it and start to finish the station platforms and station area.

Saturday saw Peter get his label maker out and label up the recently adjusted block switch board for the small yard.
The small yard being as in the pic below. The tracks are also labelled to match the panel, and when the scenicing of it is complete, then signposts along the tracks will number them and remove the need for the yellow stickers. But all in due time.
The foam has now been pretty much all covered with toilet paper, PVA and paint (PPP) in the back corner and on the mountain. Just a bit of gap filling needed and then we’ll be able to start spreading the soil and sowing the grass seed to get us a good paddock back there.
Here is the foam around the tunnel entrance on the back which was recently sealed over with the brown PPP stuff.
And the Miners dongas and hall area is also now PPP’d as of one week ago. Now for some dirt and some bushes and weeds and the odd spot of grass. Won’t be long now till the rail yard there can be worked on and used.

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