Wednesday, April 17, 2013


No new work on the layout, as the exhibition layout has again taken precedence. But I was doodling away today and playing cut and paste with cardboard while at the club. Based on IF, I say IF, we can get the space I think we can, then here are some baseboard designs for the future N scale club room layout (the old one to be demolished) – the designs are done in the same alignment as the room drawing below.

Here is a drawing of part of the club rooms with the current N scale layout marked out and the area I would like to see the N scalers get for the new layout marked out in dotted red lines. The area is 9 m x 7 m.

By the way, the golden brown strip down some of the peninsulas is the skyboard and wall partition that is needed to support the second deck of the layout. Yes, we are going for a double deck layout. I have allowed about 100 mm for this wall and skyboard combo, but it will probably be either about 60 mm to 80 mm in reality. Note – all this is conjecturing and can and will change over time. I just thought it time to start the design juices flowing in all of the N scale blokes so that once we do start we are already up and running - no standing starts here!

So here are two long wise designs:

Of course we must take into consideration that the first thing anyone sees as they walk into our club rooms will be that top right corner of the layout. So this corner will have da bestest and mostest goodest scenery of all!

Now here are two designs with cross wise peninsulas:

It’s all just thoughts, but I will apply to the club management committee soon, to at least get the determination made of how much space the layout can consume. From there, we can muddle around and design away and see what we come up with over the next months/years…..

Any and ALL ideas are welcome – send ‘em in!

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