Saturday, November 1, 2014

DCC Update

We’d gotten the call from B1 during the week, so we knew the Update Chips for the DCC systems had arrived. So Saturday morning off to the club with my trusty NCE PowerCAB in my hand ready for a new update to be applied to it.

B1 (Bob Iron) had arranged with Gary at MRRC down south ( ), for the purchase of a pile of update chips for our NCE PowerCABs, both personal and club, as well as for the club 5 amp Power Pro systems on the layouts. As these were now in our sweaty little hands, Saturday morning saw B1 installing the chips for those who had put their hands up to purchase some upgrades and had brought their hammer heads down on the day.

The update chip for the NCE PowerCAB was to bring it up to version 1.65. A while back I had actually gotten around to installing an old update chip I had kicking around for the last 4 or more years, so I could use the NCE USB device to talk to my computer, but that only brought it up to version 1.28C. So now I could go up to version 1.65. Easy job, just take the back off the hammer head, carefully lever out the old chip and carefully push in the new chip.

Above is the lid off my NCE PowerCAB and the old chip removed.
Below you can see the unit fully apart and the new chip at the bottom between “8” and “12” of the cutting board.

Here is a close-up of the old chip – you can tell it’s old, it almost has a broken leg after I was done with it.

After screwing it back together, it was time to plug it in and make sure Bob and I hadn’t broken any of the CAB’s – all were sweet and came up showing off as being the new version 1.65 chip – good result.

Next came the chips for the 5 amp NCE Power Pro systems on the club layouts. So we gathered them one at a time and did the upgrades on them as well - the end result being that we would have them all up to the latest version which is 2007C. So after removing the lid of the case on the system, again we carefully lever out the old chip and carefully insert the new chip. Once the lid was screwed back in place, a test of the system on the layout and we were good to go – nice job.

Above we see the system open, the chip in question being at the top left.

And above we see a close-up of the old chip being levered out of the socket.

All, up, well done on Bob for organising the bulk purchase for the club members and the work to install them – very much appreciated mate.