Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Too long, too long.

Crikey - almost 2 years since the last post. I reckon there are just too many areas I plonk stuff down at - Facebook, other blogs, Yahoo, RMCQ club website and so on.

So, what have we been up to?

We have almost got the go ahead at the club for our new 4 bay shed that will act as a storage shed and a garage for all our club trailers. This then will free up space in the main sheds for the new N scale club layout. Design for it is progressing well, with a basic outline being a tripled deck layout fitting into about a 6½m x 10m area.  We will have a the lower deck for DC operations and the top 2 decks for DCC operations. Here is a SCARM drawing of it - conceptually so far.

At the other end of activities, we have the N scale Exhibition Layout. It has just started a revamp to add more activity to it at the Industrial end as well as a major change at the Cricket Pitch end, with the Circus coming to town. These changes will give us more fun driving the layout with an active industrial shunting capability as well as a different look for the public to look at since last year.

Here we see the Industrial area already scraped back and ready for track layout. So far only paper templates and loose track have been laid down so we can see what it might look like.

To keep better informed maybe this might be better in future to look at:

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